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Whatever You Write, Make It Read Like A Novel

Whatever You Write, Make It Read Like A Novel

No one really wants to read about your Peace Corps experience. No one wants to hear your stories or see your photographs. So, get over it. We all know that three minutes into telling family and friends about our two years in the middle of nowhere that they stop listening. Their eyes roll. They yawn. This is the Tweet Decade. If it is longer than 30 words; it’s history. Okay, how do you tell the story of  your amazing life in the Third World as a PCV? You grab the reader by the throat. You begin your memoir as if it is a fast pace adventure story. You start with an opening line, an opening paragraph, that compels the reader to read the next sentence and the next. You write something like this: “My record was so bad (they sent the FBI to check up on you then) that I was first . . .

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