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Ban foreign aid for abortions for PCVs?

Ban foreign aid for abortions for PCVs?

Senate debates bill that would expand restrictions on foreign aid for abortions   Risch is the primary sponsor of the American Values Act. | Washington D.C., Feb 3, 2023 • Legislation introduced in the U.S. Senate would expand and make permanent current laws that are designed to prevent the federal government from funding abortions in other countries through foreign aid. The bill, known as the American Values Act, would bolster existing prohibitions on foreign aid for abortions. It would specifically ban aid for abortion as a method of family planning and would prohibit aid money from being used to encourage or coerce abortions or for involuntary sterilization. The bill would also make permanent a ban on the use of funds for the Peace Corps to pay for abortions. The bill would also establish a long-standing restriction on funds to lobby for or against abortion, funds for any organization that supports or participates . . .

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