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Review: SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE by Deborah Francisco (Philippines)

Review: SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE by Deborah Francisco (Philippines)

  Somewhere in the Middle: A journey to the Philippines in search of roots, belonging, and identity Deborah Francisco Douglas (Philippines 2011–14) Peaceful Mountain Press, 2019 254 pages $14.99 (paperback); $8.99 (Kindle) Reviewed by Janet Lee (Ethiopia 1974-76) • Somewhere in the Middle, by Deborah Francisco Douglas, is a delightful memoir that captivated my interest from the first page. Her use of dialogue, recreated from memories, journals, and blog posts, was an effective tool in telling her story. Vendors’ calls of “Balut” (dragged out as if a chant, “Baluuuuuuuut!”) or “Taho” (“Tahoooooooooo!”) reminded me so much of my short stays in the neighborhoods of metro-Manila. [Balut is a partially-developed duck embryo that is softboiled and considered a breakfast treat. Taho is a delicious custard drizzled with caramel syrup.] She approximates the accents in the dialogues through the use of switching out “d” for the “th” sound, and “p” for “f” . . .

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