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To Cut a Long Story Short & By The Book–Jia Tolentino (Kyrgyzstan)

To Cut a Long Story Short & By The Book–Jia Tolentino (Kyrgyzstan)

Jia Tolentino (Kyrgyzstan 2009-10) dominates the book world this weekend with articles by and about her in the wake of the publication of her new book Trick Mirror. “To Cut a Long Story Short” is an essay by Jai that appears in the Saturday/Sunday issue of The Wall Street Journal  and Jia is interviewed in The New York Times Sunday Book Section. JC Note.   Writer Jia Tolentino on Her Obsession With ‘Disgusting’ Jean Shorts The author and New Yorker staff writer, whose new book of essays ‘Trick Mirror’ is out this week, describes her lifelong affinity for beat-up denim cutoffs JEAN QUEEN The writer, who has been compared dauntingly to both Susan Sontag and Joan Didion, wearing her beloved shorts in her Brooklyn neighborhood. PHOTO: LEETA HARDING FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL By Jia Tolentino Aug. 7, 2019 GROWING UP IN Texas, I attended an evangelical private school whose thorough strictness was . . .

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