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Letters from Nurses in the Peace Corps

Letters from Nurses in the Peace Corps

Letters from  Nurses in the Peace Corps was published in 1967 as a recruiting brochure. It currently is not available on the media website of the Peace Corps. When the transition to the new website, PCLive, is complete, then this digitalized historical document and others may be once again available online on that website. I have copied some letters here. As the work of Peace Corps Volunteers, particularly women, is under discussion, I wanted to show their Peace Corps work, in their own words. • • • • • Letters from Peace Corps Nurses A 1967 Peace Corps recruiting brochure . RUTH REESE WRITES FROM MALAYSIA It was a quiet Sunday when two young girls from the nearest longhouse came to fetch me to deliver a baby — my first such opportunity in six weeks of health work among the 13 longhouses at our community-development center. Birth in an !bah longhouse . . .

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