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Peace Corps Reports on Volunteer Safety and Security

Peace Corps Reports on Volunteer Safety and Security

The Peace Corps has published the latest Statistical Report of Crimes against Volunteers for FY2014. The Report should be read, and I will not attempt to summarize it because it is so exact and comprehensive. The Report includes definitions of each category of crime and then breaks out the incidents by country and gender. I found it very difficult to read because it brings home in black and white the  difficulties that so many Volunteers are facing. Here is the link: On the webpage of Peace Corps there are other direct links to various reports concerning safety and security for Volunteers. Here is the list and links. Many of these reports are for applicants and those entering service and are designed to inform them. Some remind me of the old booklets from colleges, “So Now you are going to College” “What about Safety”  This report was updated 9.2.15  Here . . .

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