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With a Little Help From Our Friends!

With a Little Help From Our Friends!

From its first days the Peace Corps knew that it needed help from international organizations to get the agency off the ground. And it received tremendous help from private groups in the way of contacts, experience and support in planning, recruiting, selection, training and overseas project administration. In June of 1961, there were only two projects administered for the Peace Corps by private agencies, CARE in Colombia, and Heifer Project, Inc., on the island of St. Lucia in the West Indies. Within another year there were 17 projects administered by private organizations under contracts with the Peace Corps. Also 30 % of Volunteers were working with other organizations–national and international.  PCVs were in addition getting administration help from 13 colleges and universities in 16 programs in 13 countries. Besides that, some PCVs got help from past association with a university in a particular county. For example, the University of Kansas and Costa . . .

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