To submit a story to be considered for publication in “Short Stories by Peace Corps Writers” send to editor John Coyne at

Some ground rules:

  1. The story can be on any topic, but we like the international angle.
  2. Stories can’t be longer than 10,000 words (unless it is really, really good!).
  3. We will publish it for free; you will keep all rights.
  4. Send a short narrative bio of yourself, where you were in the PC, what you did, and where you are now.
  5. Send a short narrative of how, why and what got you to think about and write this particular story.
  6. Include  a photo of yourself (as a PCV if possible — yes, we all looked a lot better then!).

We expect to publish about one story per month.

If we have enough great stories we will publish a collection under our Peace Corps Writers imprint. Any income from the book will be used to support the costs for maintaining Peace Corps Worldwide, and the awards Peace Corps Writers gives annually for the  best books published by Peace Corps writers and photographers in the categories of fiction, non-fiction, Peace Corps memoir, poetry, travel, children and photography.