A Yearful

Time to put up the new calendar. I liked this past year’s so much that I bought the same for 2015, “Nature’s Peace” with watercolors by Molly Hashimoto and words of John Muir. Each watercolor allows me a fleeting entry into the green wonders of nature. Like a butterfly at a buddleia flower, I alight into scenes of woods and meadows for daily sustenance.

Aside from the pleasure of my new calendar, the passage from one year to the next – the fireworks, confetti, noise makers, and merrymaking – has never had much meaning for me. But I decided to search for some personal significance. I’d look back through my 2014 datebook for the most memorable, joyful moments:

Digging deep into my writing self at our Santiago Writers’ retreat in the country

Traveling by land across the Andes to Mendoza, Argentina

Setting my eyes on our first grandson (after three granddaughters)

Feeling the euphoria at our son’s graduation ceremony at Columbia University

Returning once again to the San Francisco Bay Area to warm, welcoming friends

Absorbing the resplendent writing styles of Beryl Markham and Amy Leach

And now enjoying our New Yorker son’s holiday visit

…..There was the loss of old friends, but, overall, a good year.

As for the New Year, I’m adopting the attitude of ‘open expecting,’ on the lookout for sparks of serendipity and synchronicity. I have even made three resolutions: to continue with my exercise regime, cut down on the sweets and clean one drawer a day…. I haven’t started yet.

Oh, and write, write, write.

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