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The GRIEVERS’ GROUP by Richard Wiley (Korea)

The GRIEVERS’ GROUP by Richard Wiley (Korea)

Three evenings a week the North End Grievers’ Group meets in Tacoma, Washington, at the home of its therapist, a woman with her own bizarre life story. The group has six members who mourn their losses in vastly different ways: one is suicidal and terribly difficult to like; another joined the group under suspicious circumstances, while yet a third serves up stories of a lifelong series of love affairs. One has won a lot of money in Las Vegas while trying to loosen the grip of grief’s talons, one drives around town in her dead husband’s brand-new Porsche; and the last caused the death of a loved one – personally delivering it from the barrel of a gun. Loss, regret, guilt, damage, heartbreak, and despair are the emotions that simmer in each of their bereavements. Yet, at times, everything seems comic – probably because tragedy and comedy are so intertwined . . .

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