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Talking with Andrew Tadross (Ethiopia)

Talking with Andrew Tadross (Ethiopia)

If you want to find a successful Peace Corps Volunteer and the legacy he left in-country look no further than Andrew Tadross (Ethiopia 2011-13), the co-author of three reference books on Amharic, Tigrinya, and Afan Oromo written after his tour and while he was still living in Ethiopia. Andrew is an example of the ‘new’ PCVs joining the agency in recent years. Andrew and PCVs like him are bringing new skills to this ancient land that is swiftly evolving into a significant African nation. In Andrew’s case, it is his environmental and landscape architecture background, as well as, his linguistic ability. He, and others like him, have much more to offer Ethiopia (and other Peace Corps countries) than those of us in the early years who went into the developing world fresh out of college with our BA degrees, nursing certificates, community development training, and goodwill. Today, because of technology, . . .

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