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Expat Gardening

Expat Gardening

The term “expatriate” bothers me. Although my dictionary defines it as a person who has withdrawn herself from her native land, to me it carries the implication that one is no longer a patriot of her native land. Untrue in my case. Living in Chile for over four decades I feel a deep sense of loss for the land I left and have experienced an increased awareness of my nationality. I’ll always be different, the gringa, the one with the accent. Constant reminders of my country’s politics and influence wave like flags from Chilean and CNN International newscasts and in the deluge of emails from my political party begging for money. I am no longer so far removed from United States’ affairs. A few days ago I watched live reports from the UN General Assembly meetings, dealing with the urgent and troubling state of world affairs. My country is right . . .

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