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Travels with Benjamin

Travels with Benjamin

  by Suzanne  Adam (Colombia 1964–66) Colombia. 1966. Twenty-three and, seasoned by our two year Peace Corps stint, we were cocky, confident and keen on adventure.  Barbara, Noel and I decided to wend our way back to the United States via Central America and Mexico.  My friends were posted together in the interior; I was on the coast.  We wrote back and forth. “I’m not sure I’m ready for the U.S. yet — after this.” “Me, neither.  I have no idea what I want to do when I get back”. “Let’s just take off.  We can stop to visit Faye in Costa Rica.” “I’ve heard Guatemala is fantastic.” Unburdened by timetables, itineraries or reservations, we would first fly to the island of San Andrés, a Colombian possession in the Caribbean off the coast of Nicaragua.  From there we’d travel by any cheap means available. We gave no thought to political unrest, . . .

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