1. To comment on an article, scroll to the bottom of the article. You will see “No Comments” ( or a number where the “No” is)
  2. Click on “Comments.”
  3. “Leave Comments Below” appears with some boxes below it.
  4. You must fill in “Username”: It can be your real name, a nickname, something you make up — like “Cutie Pie” — whatever.
  5. You must fill in your “Email address”: It must be your real email address.
  6. Write your comments in the “Comments” box.
  7. When you are done, click the button “Post my comment.”

NOTE: Your username is not a “user ID.” (User IDs are used for gaining access to private sites or private web pages.)

NOTE: The email address of anyone who leaves a comment on this site is not published; it is used only to ensure that person who leaves the comment is legitimate. Peace Corps Worldwide does not use emails for any other purpose, does not share them and does not sell them.

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