Poet Julie Dargis (Morocco 1984-87) is the founder of Indie House Press. This non-profit site is working to support independent writers by connecting them to independent publishing platforms, editors, designers, branding specialists, and independent booksellers. Rather than creating a list, like many traditional publishers, she is creating a network. If you are an independent writer, and you would like to list your work on her site, contact Julie at julie.dargis@gmail.com. 

Julie lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has worked for international organizations in Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia, primarily with populations affected by conflict and natural disaster for twenty-five years. Her first book, Seven Sonnets, was published in June on CreateSpace.com. Her second book, a memoir including sonnets and verse depicting her life and work in eight countries will be out in November 2012. She began writing sonnets when she was a PCV in Morocco. Her website is www.IndieHousePress.org.