If you overate this holiday season, you know the unpleasant sensation of a tight waistband. There is that feeling of being full and heavy after the meal and having your senses dulled. You are sleepy and slow. Too much is not necessarily the right thing.

Now consider your writing. Are you trying to say too much? Are you over-stuffing small ad spaces with a short article? Are you putting out too many frivolous press releases? Overseeing communication or having too many ideas in a single message means your target audience can’t “savor” the real message. They are lost in too much content.

For a more successful “serving” of communication, trim your thoughts into a few short ideas. Focus on one main message. Only announce important events or worthwhile accomplishments. Let your audience enjoy what you have to say without feeling stuffed. If they aren’t too full, they’ll be more inclined to come back for more.