Studying my 18-month old daughter, Patricia Aurora, it occurs to me that a copywriter could learn a thing or two (or six, in this case), from a baby. Here’s how:
1. What’s in a name? Patricia Aurora is named after a grandmother and great-aunt from both sides of our family. The result is a distinctive name that has meaning. In marketing, a name can make a huge difference for a product or company to stand out. A name with meaning and resonance to an audience truly enhances a brand. So don’t take a name lightly.
2. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat again. My 18-month old sure knows how to get my attention. “Mama, mama, mama, mama.” “Open, open, open, open.” The girl has a nack for repeating things incessantly to get the desired result: my attention. It’s a good lesson in marketing that often repetition is what brings home a message. From a phone number to the frequency of an ad, things stick over time when people hear them time and again.
3. Think outside the box: get inside a box! Patricia’s favorite past-time is to get inside things. If you are packing a suitcase, her pleasure is to sit inside like a canoe. She climbs into empty cardboard boxes and even inside her own toybox. The truth is it must be awful fun to see the world from that perspective and sometimes in writing a change of perspective can be extremely helpful. In a pinch, get inside a box to think outside of it.
4. Act fast. In the blink of an eye, Patricia has every toy out of the toybox and every piece of every game is thrown about the floor. She is a hurricane of activity. The quick pace can be exhausting but fast and furious is not a bad thing in writing. Get to the point quickly. Delaying can be losing your reader and if that keeps happening you’ll have your own mess with which to deal.
5. If you fall down, get right back up again. Not every piece of writing is prize-winning. Not every client loves our wit. In the end, criticism hurts but we learn from it. So like Patricia landing on her rump, get back up again and give your chest a thump.
6. Be well rested. That’s not copywriting advice. That’s life advice. Patricia sleeps about 15 hours a day she is a flurry of activity. What I could do with 15 hours sleep (if someone cooked, cleaned, dressed me etc.). But like all advice I give, putting it into practice is easier said than done.

Good luck keeping up with baby!