Have you ever skipped breakfast only to find yourself with a mid-morning migraine? Your lack of nourishments results in a pounding headache. The solution: eat something. How to prevent this from happening in the future? Stock your pantry. Put a granola bar in your desk.

Translate this to your business. To many, the act of writing is a painful experience. From long articles and press releases to short emails and website updates, any length of writing is a headache. Your solution: keep something to eat handy. How? Create a stockpile of writing. Describe your products and services and save those descriptions. This will give you an arsenal of information to pull from every time you have some type of business writing to do. There will always be new things to say about your business, but certain aspects of it never change. By keeping writing on hand, you can save time and energy. Consider it your writing pantry.

Now, let’s have a snack.