Nothing diffuses an awkward moment or relieves the pressure like a good chuckle. This is true in life and is true in writing. This blog is not inviting you to pepper your prose with “Knock Knock” jokes but it is putting forth the idea that every piece of writing does not have to be serious. Humor is appreciated and, for some audiences, is a welcomed change. 

So, how do you make your reader smile? One suggestion is to jazz up your words like a cocktail:  with a twist. A sudden shift in tone can be a happy surprise for your audience. Take a somewhat serious or straightforward stretch of writing, and throw in a quirky observation. The human foot is a mechanical miracle. Take that, knee cap! 

Often an informal tone also invites opportunites for humor. Writing as you would speak to a friend lends an intimacy to your writing, like your speaking in confidence, and gives you opportunities for humor. Shut up! Really?

If you have an ongoing series (such as a blog), that is serious in tone, you can take an entire article or entry and come to it with a new, fresh style. Again, readers might find the change in tone refreshing, as long as your deliver the subject or content that they originally signed up to receive.

Trying too hard to be funny can be disastrous so, certainly, if you are attempting this type of writing for the first time, you should run it by a trusted friend or colleague to get their opinion. Nothing is worse than someone trying to be funny and failing miserably. But, if successful, a little humor can go a long way to bonding with your reader.

Keep smiling!