Much of what I write about is big picture and long-term. I know a lot of you read articles and say, “Fine. Great. But I have to write a press release due TOMORROW. I need help right now for this particular task.” I can appreciate that. I often work better under pressure and deadlines, but when time is scarce, there’s little room for guess work. So here’s a quick to-do list for turning around writing. 

1. Make an appointment on your calendar. Clear out your schedule for the short-term. It’s easy to get side-tracked with tasks. Make your writing task the top priority.

2. Find a template. Try not to reinvent the wheel but find something similar and use the key pieces to create an outline. This is especially true with a press release where there are tons of existing ones you can use as models.

3. Open up a document. Whatever word-processing program you use to type documents, create a new one and type in a basic outline. You can even add a headline to inspire you. Copy and paste samples you found that you want to follow. Fill your page. It’ll make you feel better than staring at a blank one.

4. Bribe yourself. Now you have to write and it’s hard.  So offer yourself a kick-ass reward for completion: a glass of wine, a chcolate cupcake, a movie, a massage or manicure/pedicure. Be creative but be generous. You know what you need to inspire you.

5. Write.  I can’t do it for you. (Well, I can but you have to pay me.) You have to do it. Keep it short and sweet but say what you need to get the job done.

6. Proof.  Wait a few hours or overnight but before you turn your work in, read it.  Then re-read it out loud.  Then read it again. Make sure it reads well and has no errors.

7. Pat yourself on the back. Now your work is done. Say to yourself three times: I rock. I rock. I rock.