“I have a lot of energy. Give me something to do,” my husband says during yet another New York snowstorm this winter. He had shovelled, gone through his papers, fed the kids and was a bit stir crazy. It’s hard enough to keep my kids busy this winter. Now I need to entertain hubby, too? 

But I realize he can’t be the only one who feels this way. And that extends to ourselves as business owners as well. A snowy day can be relaxing, even boring. Quieter days in general can make us crazy and, later, guilty when we realize we wasted time. So, prevent guilt by taking 15-20 minutes of that time to come up with ideas for your business. Make it a game:

  • Five fun ways to promote my business.
  • Ten things that make my business better than the competition.
  • Three ways I can improve my business this year.
  • Seven mistakes I made last year.
  • Twelve people or businesses I can target.

Perhaps the results may not yield much but it could provide a few big ideas that can really change your outlook in 2011. Perhaps an exercise like this can give you some marketing ideas or remind you of potential customers you keep meaning to target but never do. Either way, a small writing or thinking exercise about your business will make valuable use of your guilty snowy days and, perhaps, even provide that second wind you need to get back outside and finish building that snowman!

Stay warm!