I have been off the radar for a bit - just had my third baby girl and finding time to write is difficult. So I am facing a common problem that a small business will also face from time to time:  how do you keep telling your story when you have no time OR how do you keep your story connected when there’s been a gap? 

Let’s address the first problem.  What I should have done is take my initial instinct one step further. When I agreed to write this blog, I wrote out a year’s worth of story ideas to make the task of writing less daunting as the ideas would already be at my finger tips. What I should have done was take it to the next level and actually write out the blogs 2-3 at a time. That way I could routinely post without taking the time to write. As we identified in previous postings, getting started is the hardest part. So once we are in the creative mode, have set aside the time and sat down to write a blog, it makes sense to write out a few while we are in the spirit. 

A business can do the same.  Let’s say you have a venue like a column in a local paper or an email newsletter.  You can pre-write (or have a copywriter write for you) a series of pieces to for that venue. That way, you will have your marketing materials ready to go in advance. If business gets busy, as it is apt to do, you don’t need to worry that you fell off the radar…like me.

In the other scenario, you did fall of the radar. Now what? Don’t just jump back in and act like nothing happened. Address the gap and let your audience know where you stand: that you have changed or updated your newsletter, that you have a new spin on your column or, as in my case, a mea culpa or personal anecdote and on with the show. People like to know what happened but there is no need to dwell on it. 

However you handle preventing or dealing with a communication gap, just remember to be honest with your audience, dust yourself off, jump right back on the saddle and ride into the sunset like the communication cowboy you are. 

Happy trails!