Every business is unique in its marketing needs. But there are some basic elements that can help any business communicate basic information at the touch of a button. By creating a “Business Toolkit” in advance, you can provide media or potential clients with background information about your business whenever it is requested.

What does a Business Toolkit include? Some elements can be varied but these basic cover the Who, What, When, Where and How questions you might be asked. These elements can exist as printed materials or can be compiled as building blocks for a business website.

Who Are You? The Executive Biography summarizes an individual’s background and outlines work experience, achievements and successes. It helps add a personal dimension to the story of your business.

What Do You Do? This question can be answered through various marketing materials. A Brochure or a Product List can provide the concrete details that a potential customer is seeking to make an informed decision. 

When Did You Start Your Business? The Corporate Backgrounder is a document outlining your company. It will include all the information that is relevant to your company such as what year and why your business was founded. It may also state your purpose, your market and your ability to solve a problem.

Where Is Your Business Located? A list of Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs can address questions that come up time and time again such as directions on how to get to your business, your return policy or store hours. 

How  Is Your Business Different Than Other Businesses? All your marketing materials should be designed to differentiate your business. You can really communicate how unique your vision through a compelling backgrounder which tells the story of how the business came to be or through a well-designed brochure that allows you to tell a story and showcase products and services in a compact package. 

However you choose to represent yourself, being prepared for an inquiry with professional-looking marketing materials is the best way to impress your clients and make a positive impression.