My colleague at this web site Don Gayton tells a very funny storey under the title, “Tripling,” which he means to go beyond pairing the right wine with the right food, to adding a good book to the mix, thus “tripling.”  In telling this tale  he expresses an interest in writing wine labels and provides some very amusing efforts at doing so. 

As a wine merchant I have read hundreds of wine labels and at times written them.  I have also written ”shelf talkers,” which are the brief  descriptions of wines that hang under the wines on the shelf, waxing poetically about the wines.  Hyperbole only begins to describe the excesses to which these paeans to the wines go, rapture may be more descriptive.  Thus there can be no excess in writing these.  Good taste does provide some limits on what one writes.  But you cannot be too creative in coming up with essentially a verbal replacement for the one sure way to pick a good wine, taste it.

So I say to my friend Don, please continue to come up with your daring, imarginative, and, most importantly, humerous wine labels.  I will certainly keep them in mind for use with my wines.