Earlier this month I had the honor of interviewing Jessica, who served in Zambia as a Peace Corps Volunteer and was medically evacuated after she contracted HIV. Her popular blog, No Going Back. There Is Only Forward. follows her story, medical evacuation from Peace Corps, and her current adventure as she applies to be reinstated as a PCV.

You can listen to the interview live streaming here and also download it here.

One of my favorite things about Jessica, and one of the things that I think really makes her an outstanding PCV, is how she supports others. Jessica has received a lot of support from PCVs, RPCVs, Peace Corps staff and many more people over the past few months, but she has never hesitated to be one of those supportive people herself.

It’s Jessica’s hope (and mine too) that the supportive community around difficult issues, like medical evacuation and separation from service, will continue to grow. There is an effort underway to bring together Peace Corps, National Peace Corps Association, RPCV groups and others around health issues and medical evacuation and we could really use your support.

If you are interested, email us anytime at medevac@peacecorps101.com or message Jessica directly here, and please listen to the interview to learn more.

I hope you all enjoy meeting Jessica as much as I did!