Travis Hellstrom served as a Peace Corps Volunteer and Peace Corps Volunteer hellstromLeader in Mongolia from 2008 to 2011 as a Health Specialist. A year before he left joined the Peace Corps he began writing what would become theunofficial-pcv-handbook Unofficial Peace Corps Volunteer Handbook that he added to here-and-there for 4 years until, after his 27th month of service in Mongolia, he published it. 100% of the profits for The Unofficial Peace Corps Volunteer Handbook are given to Peace Corps projects worldwide.

After completing his Peace Corps service Travis published a second book called Enough: What I Learned in the Peace Corps currently in ebook format, but soon to be available in print at enoughAmazon. Travis has also created a website called Advance Humanity where he writes weekly articles for everyday humanitarians who are changing themselves and changing the world. He also became founding CEO of the New Media Foundation that is dedicated to helping leading nonprofits in Mongolia and around the world.

Travis is also founder of Peace Corps 101, an online course led by Peace Corps Volunteers from around the world, which also donates all proceeds back into Peace Corps through the Peace Corps’ Partnership Program and NPCA’s Global Community Fund.

He currently lives in the eastern steppe of Mongolia with his wife Tunga.