The news of a major train accident in northern Spain hit me hard for two reasons, one I spend my summers in Spain and two I just took the AVE or high speed train from Valencia to Madrid.  The train took 1 hour 50 minutes to travel 350 kilometers (220 miles), truly a fast service.  I marveled at the train that flew over the rails at speeds up to 160 miles an hour. 

But the accident spoke of the downside of this high speed travel.  The faster speed means higher danger.  I expect the accident to soon fade into history.  But it will always cast something of a shadow over what is truly a marvel of modern engineering.

The AVE is basically an updated Talgo train and I once met and briefly had the pleasure of knowing its inventor, Goicochea who passed away soon after I met him.  I think of him when I admire the ultra modern AVE train network in Spain.  And I encourage you to use it when you visit Spain.