It is truly amazing that a series of special events, dedications, and celebrations could take place over this last September weekend in Washington, D.C. and no national press noted the achievement of 50 years of Peace Corps service. The blame for this is the press office at the Peace Corps. Friday was the last day of the two top press people at the agency–not RPCVs–but political hires from the Obama administration who, of course, have no passion for PCVs or RPCVs. They have finally been ‘removed’ from their jobs. My guess is that when they finally got their ‘walking papers’ they began working on their CVs and kissed us all goodbye. So, no push was made by the Office of Peace Corps Communications, thanks a lot, Ladies. Chris Matthews (Swaziland 1968-70) did do a nice piece on the 50th on his program Friday night, and there have been a few other mentions in local press but nothing was generated (as far as I can see) by the agency itself. It was–the 50th–a wonderful recruitment activity, but the Peace Corps failed to see the opportunity and make it happen.