International known visual artist, Joe Wheaton, is creating a 45 minutes live projection of the 50thyears of the Peace Corps that will be shown at the Peace Corps Bash on September 24, Saturday evening at GW Smith Center. These photos, plus music, will open the evening of entertainment and dancing at the Smith Center on George Washington University campus. The images will be displayed on a  huge 4-sided Daktronics videoboard.

Joe would love to include as many of your photos as possible. He would need them ideally as  JPEG 2 megapixels or larger, though he can use  TIFF files or RAW or NEF files if you are unable to send jpegs. It is important that when you send the files to Joe you also send the name of the host country and the year they were taken. There will be no credits for pictures as there will be too many displayed.

Sent your photos to this account:

[Joe has also kindly agreed to do a second (shorter) loop that will be given to the Peace Corps so they might play it at Shriver Hall. The Hall is functioning as an Open House over the long weekend.] 

 Check out the Smith Center here and you’ll see the four sides of the videoboard.