The Peace Corps Fund and PeaceCorpsWriters have arranged for RPCV writers to sell their books at the Peace Corps Bash on Saturday night, September 24, 2011, at the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps. 

Writers who attend The Peace Corps Bash will have a special section set aside for them where they can autograph and sell their own books. All writers will be responsible for their own books, and their own sales. The  Peace Corps Fund and PeaceCorpsWriters will not be involved with any sales of books.

At the moment, no book store in Washington, D.C. will handle self-published books, nor will the Peace Corps allow RPCV writers the opportunity to sell their books inside of HQ, which is a federal building. This is your opportunity to sell your book(s).

I am anticipating that we will have another venue, and another opportunity, where writers will be able to sell their books. Watch for further announcements. Meanwhile, check out the Peace Corps Bash at: and buy your ticket to the event so you can autograph and sell your books!

Meanwhile, send your name and the name of your book(s) to Matt Losak, Chair of The Peace Corps Bash, and the man responsible for the event. His email is: He will reserve a place for you (and your books!) at the tables!

Thank you.