In the final pages of his memo to Barbara Ferris, Warren added “Annexes-To Be Thought About”

There were 3:

Annex A. Let’s suppose 5 or 7 Arab countries contribute a piece of their land to a new (by their fiat) Palestinian State on the basis of a Hong Kong type 100 year lease. (In the same way as Hawaii and Alaska function as a part of the USA) Annan gives passports, etc and the state is in business immediately.

Annex B. Like Davos (the economic summit) there comes into being constitutional/consultive political group to proclaiming itself as a second overarching multilateral institution, to be another venue different from the UN. This Constitution of Convention will form itself as the political forum for all peoples, not the forum for national states. It will seek to establish itself with the following guidelines.

  • 1. Voting will be according to population numbers (not one sovereign state, one vote). Rather (with some complex limits) one person represented, one voice.
  • 2. No veto by anybody.
  • 3. All representatives will have these characterization–
  • No nation state officials
  • Representation aggregates of people that encompass more than one nation state, including business, religious and NGO representatives.
  • 4. Political action will be in the areas of evaluation
  • The UN
  • Nation States
  • The state of world civilization
  • 5. Former heads of state like Mandela and Carter could convene this political forum, and they could lead in the addressing central issues of the future of globalism, the modification of nation states that are necessary and the new institution that must be formed.

Annex C.

Proposed Notions That Are Useful For The Development of “Out of the Box” Ideas.

First: Conceptualize the “box,” its contents, the nature of the wall (constrictions). Know the “problem” to be addressed and why an out-of-the-box is wanted.

Second: See the box and its content from afar. Look down from the moon. Broaden the view to include the while of the territory which is the outside content for the box. See the box in its external universe.

Third: Introduce time into the visions of first and second above. Consider the past for both the history of the box (first) and the content (second). Then consider the future for the first and the second.

Fourth: Let the mind freely roam over all three of the above categories of conceptual images in an exploration manner believing that there are always new ideas undiscovered about old ideas.