In the next 4 pages of his 12 page memo, Warren detailed his ‘idea’ for “a rebirth (and a nurturing) of the Peace Corps.”

1. It is important to not think of development in the historic sense, or foreign assistance in the historic sense-a new ‘wave’ needs to be latched onto. (Terrorism suppression also needs to be discarded as a rationale.)

2. Nation-building is not for the Peace Corps “idea” in the next 40 years.

3. The settings to examine range from the failed states (i.e. Afganistan, Somalia and would be Palestine) to the most successful state (China).

4. Most of the developing world is tired of talk from development institutions about how to get development. (As is most of the developed world.) New language, new symbols, new institutions are required to rekindle hope and excitement. (As well as new money and new techniques.)

5. For hope in failed states, individuals need to see a path to get connected and to be somebody. This is especially true in the African states HIV/AID devastation areas.

In the next 10 years the total of AID Orphans are predicted to grow to 40,000,000. They need to have some hope that they can be somebody.

6. In the last five decades China stands out as the most significant success from many viewpoints.

  • More than one billion people.
  • For more than a decade or two, growth on a percentage basis has been between 5 and 10%.
  • Current percentage growth is about 7% per year.
  • This unparallel achievement has been from a base that was at the bottom, and all achieved without the benefit of significant foreign assistance!

And yet-there may be a role for Peace Corps ideas in China in the decades ahead.

7. The Peace Corps ideas need three innovative grafts that can enable the ideas to flower in the future decades.

  • The new focus needs to be the connection of individuals (hopes and aspirations) to the emerging Globalization of the societies of the human species-no matter what are the stages of development of those societies.
  • The Volunteers who go aboard for a year or two need to bring with them resources (money-say each would be $10,000 to $20,000 to be spent by the hosting community and the Volunteer without any approval from anybody-ever!) As small amount of cash is a necessary ticket to be somebody in the global society.
  • The Volunteer cannot be in the program of any nation states (i.e. the Peace Corps of the U.S.) This must be organized as a new independent activity of the UN attracting Volunteers from all UN countries and securing financing from a wide variety of world wide sources.

8. As starters for program focus:

  • Children
  • 1. Health
  • 2. Education
  • 3. Global Connections
  • a. Computers
  • b. Internet
  • c. English language
  • Places of initial-first new programs for Volunteers
  • 1. AIDS countries with heavy populations of orphans
  • 2. Palestine (separate complex issues, obviously
  • 3. Afghanistan. How to achieve health, education, hope and global connections through Volunteers.

End of Part Three