I got “official word”  that the NPCA is hosting a “Promise of the Peace Corps” Gala on Saturday, September 24, from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Tickets are $300 if you aren’t a member of the National Peace Corps Association; $250 if you are.  So, if you and your ’significant other’ are going, you need to pony up another  $500 to $600  for this weekend.

However, this event, which is in the Ronald Reagan Building is being Emceed by Chris Matthews. The NPCA also says that they have a “verbal commitment from a well-known female artist” to perform.

Oh, I forgot to mention. It is Black tie, or you can wear your host country of service dress, if you can still fit into it.

Now, if you are a member of the Director’s Circle (that costs, I think, another $1,000) you can also attend a VIP Reception because you are a Very Important Person!

Remember how that non-RPCV running the 50th celebration told Marian Beil it would be “un-Peace Corps”  for the agency to have a party with a bunch of RPCVs standing around “drinking white wine.” 

Well, luckily the Peace Corps isn’t support this event. The NPCA is, and they know how to spend money, or, at least, spend  your money.

At this event a Distinguished Humanitarian Award will also be given out (by the way, you didn’t get it!) and dinner will include a first course, a dessert, plus wine!

I realize that this event isn’t for everyone, given the costs, so Peace Corps Writers will find a local bar where we can gather on Saturday night,  and you can buy your own beer and meet Peace Corps writers and other RPCVs who are in DC but lack the deep pockets and tux to attend the NPCA Gala. I know you’ll miss your chance to meet Chris Matthews, but hey, who said being an RPCV would be easy?