This program will be presented on March 1.

Secretary Shaun DonovanWelcoming Remarks

Pres. Kevin Quigley, NPCA — Salute to All Who Have Served

Peace Corps Director Aaron Williams — Letter to HUD

Roger K. Lewis (Tunisia 1964–66), Fellow/American Institute of Architects, Washington Post Design & Urban Development Columnist

 [ It takes place at HUD HQ, Metrorail Stop "L'Enfant Plaza," on Tuesday., March 1, 2011 starting at noon. Everyone is welcomed to attend.  Non-Feds who plan to do so have to provide their names so that can  pass  HUD Security. Email:  Tino Calabia:]

Even those born decades after the 1960s know who said, “. . . Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”  Since President John F. Kennedy spoke those words 50 years ago, over 200,000 Peace Corps Volunteers were inspired to answer his call, going on to serve in 139 countries around the globe.  Some three dozen former Volunteers now work in HUD.

Professor Roger K. Lewis will discuss his service as a young Volunteer, fresh out of M.I.T., assigned to Tunisia, a coastal country with an architectural legacy from Rome and, later, from 12 centuries of Arab-Islamic tradition.  But Tunisia was a country left desolate after several decades of colonialism and the hard-fought battles of World War II.  Upon arriving, Professor Lewis found no school of architecture and almost no Tunisian architects.  The vacuum seemed almost a dream to a newly-minted architect eager to practice his profession.

After returning to the U.S. and M.I.T., he earned an M.A. in architecture, helped to start the University of Maryland’s school of architecture where he began teaching.  He also designed and built homes, multi-unit housing developments, schools, art institutions, and commercial buildings, while winning many local and national awards.  Since 1984, his column, “Shaping the City,” has regularly appeared in the Washington Post.