John Greisberger (Afghanistan 1973-75) and Kay Clifford of the International Center at the University of Michigan earlier this month did a wonderful Peace Corps event, staged over the week of October 11th. It drew back to the campus of their university some of the real heroes of the Peace Corps.

I have posted several blogs about what was going to happen at U of M and now John was kind enough to send me an absolutely great video of the week. As one of the speakers commented at a panel, Kennedy only said 380 words that rainy night 50 years ago. He spoke for less than three minutes. However, two students , Al and Judy Guskin, took it  to heart and wrote a letter about what Kennedy had said to the student newspaper and that started a wave of interest about service in the developing world that has cascaded down through the decades and captured the imagination of all of us. It changed our our lives profoundly.

Here is a glimpse of the week in Michigan. As John wrote me today, “I’m sure you will enjoy hearing his speech (Jack Vaughn’s) delivered on the steps where JFK spoke 50 years earlier.  Click on the web link below and scroll down to the 11:00 a.m. ceremony.  Jack spoke after Harris Wofford and before Aaron Williams.  It was also a great treat to have Harris with us.  Both Jack and Harris provided that connection to Shriver and Kennedy that made our celebration very special.”

No, John. You made it special. You made it happen.