Some teachers who had taken courses with me recently noticed as he surfed the internet that Jeramy Harmer devoted his time at the celebration of the 60th anniversary of International House, London, to Breaking Rules. Another teacher noticed that Adrian Underhill discussed Breaking Rules at IATEFL at Liverpool. He shared the platform with Alan Maley who always mentions Breaking Rules.

Here is the link for Jeremy Harmer:

Here is the link for Adrian: From preparation to preparedness IATEFL 2013 Adrian Underhill

Adrian and Alan Maley discuss many things other than Breaking Rules so you can get a lot broader perspectives than just mine.

I am attaching my latest version of rules I think we can break to better understand our teaching.

You will notice that I mention that when we break rules we have to compare the results of what we had been doing with our alternative practices. This message is sometimes lost in discussions of making changes in our teaching. Also, when people discuss my book Breaking Rules they fail to mention that there are two themes to the book. One is to try alternatives and the other is to analyze what we do with an observation system I devised called FOCUS. I will be sending along some blogs describing FOCUS in the next few weeks.

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