In my last blog I mentioned that I was teaching a live on line course called More Breaking Rules. It is my second live on line course sponsored by the International Teacher Development Institute–iTDi.

I had mentioned it in passing but during the last 3 classes I have begun to realize why I prefer live on line teaching to a blog. THERE IS INTERACTION! While sometimes I get a few comments from visitors to my blog, other times I get no comments. So I have no idea a. whether anyone is reading what I write and b. what they feel and think about what I write.

One of the features of the platform that we are using for my live on line course is a Forum. Participants can send messages to the Forum which I and other participants can read and I can react to.  This interaction I think is crucial to learning from each other.

I am attaching two comments from participants about m live on line course on the 16th of June and my reactions.

All the best.