A few weeks ago, a group of teachers and I celebrated the 25th anniversary of Breaking Rules at the Japanese TESOL Affiliate meeting. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I knew very few of the 90 people who came to the meal and celebration. Only two of my former students were there which means that there is a whole group of teachers who I have not taught or met who have heard of the book or read it.

To highlight the idea of breaking rules, iTDi, a group I teach on line courses with, asked me to write some comments about the idea on one of their blogs.  I wrote up the twenty rules which I am attaching to this message. iTDi got more comments about these rules than most of the other items they posted and I am told that many people twitted about it. But I have still to learn how to make use of twitter.

So I hope the attached rules give you some ideas to consider that you have not considered before. If not, then they are not at all worthwhile.

Enjoy, enjoy.xx-rules-for-student-centered-learning