A few years ago, at a TESOL conference in Japan that was devoted to understanding our teaching, out of 250 or so presentations, only 5 dealt with looking an transcripts or recordings. I mentioned to a number of my former students in Japan that I wished more would discuss what we do rather this or that study. Last year, a number of those who heard my comment had a panel at the same conference. I am attaching a printed version of what they discussed at the panel.

The idea of analyzing video clips is not of course new. In sports, it has been done for decades. And more and more who want to understand medical practice are using video clips as well. Atul Gawande writes about the use of video in health care in the August 13th/20th issue of The New Yorker. He also compares the way staff at Cheesecake Factory restaurants are prepared with the way health workers are prepared. One of my themes in Breaking Rules was to observe non-teaching settings and take ways people learn in them and try them in our classrooms.