If you have read any of my messages you know that two of my themes are those in the title of this post.

I was thrilled to see in the January 30th 2012 issue of The New Yorker that both of these were dealt with.

One article was by Jonah Lebrer called Annals of Ideas Groupthink The science of team effort. He shows that brainstorming is the least effective way of creating new ideas in spite of the fact that it is commonly believe that it is a great way to create new ideas–question everything you do in your teaching!

The other article is about prisons in the US by Adam Gopnik–The scandal of America’s teeming prisons. He points out how the crime rate in the US was decreased not by large sweeping reforms but by small incremental changes. He hopes that prison reform will happen in the same way.

Both of these articles represent a third theme of all of my work–read in areas unrelated to teaching and learning to get ideas  about teaching and learning.