I regret that I have not posted anything recently or regularly. I hope to post items every week from now on. I would very much appreciate your comments on what I post.

When we recruited Japanese students to study in NZ, we admitted the students in September but they did not come to NZ till the following April. In order to engage the prospective students, I and a team of ESOL teachers developed a series of activities for the students to do on their own and send to NZ for feedback. I and other staff members introduced the activities live in orientation sessions in Japan with both the students and their parents.

Over time, we found that the number of students who decided to study at IPC in NZ increased as we made them more and more independent.

The Introduction to the series of activities we introduced the students to has been revised more than 100 times! In spite of this, I am open to suggestions for revising it. I want the Introduction to be engaging, free of jargon and useful–easier said than done.

Enjoy, enjoy and pls. send comments.