Adventures in our ESOL Classrooms illustrated with video clips and some written descriptions

John F. Fanselow,
Professor Emeritus, Teachers College,
Columbia University

Dedicated to

Darlene G. Larson. . .

fellow first group Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa, fellow past president of TESOL and New York State TESOL, and dearest of friends.

In response to hearing “We can’t do it” from students, colleagues or friends, Darlene would raise her eyebrows and ask without hesitation, “Why can’t we do it?” Using we rather than you, she joined herself to others, reminding us that we are all capable of more than we imagine. Whenever she asked this question without the slightest hint of embarrassment, she reminded us that asking questions is a sign of knowledge and rich experience, not of ignorance.

When we discussed initial drafts of this book, with her refreshing candor, Darlene pointed out that many of the terms we had used—for example, active thinking and external and internal bits—made little sense. In response to the first term, she asked incredulously, “Is there such a thing as inactive thinking?” In response to the second term she said, “Bits of candy?” She then provided alternatives including discovery, curiosity and mystery. To the extent that the book is now more accessible, we are eternally indebted to Darlene.

Darlene died in December 2008, knowing we would tell our readers of our gratitude for her insights and celebrate her contributions to our book and to our lives.