The other day I read that officials in Iraq want to make over one of the palaces of the country’s former leader into a honeymoon destination hotel. After all, it’s a palace with all the fixings and his luxurious bedroom would be featured as the honeymoon suite.

If only the same officials had read my article in 2004, featured in Peace Corps Online Magazine. I proposed an entirely reasonable if somewhat different use for one of the palaces, a use that would have ensured a far better outcome, in my judgment, than what we are seeing in Iraq today.

I argued that Saddam Hussein should be returned to leadership as the only one who could stop that country from its spin out of control. We’d send Rumsfeld over there to watch and rehabilitate him. All his palaces, in my view, “should become shopping malls, save one, where he gets the east wing and where, in the west wing, Rumsfeld is asymmetrically embedded for 1,001 nights.”

The Donald would have been his personal trainer. They would have enjoyed a “marvelous photo op – each trim, clean-shaven, suited up fashionably, no leg irons – with a déjà vu high five so very reminiscent of their warm greeting in old Baghdad.”

I went on to describe how Mr. Hussein would have been reformed and re-educated in this environment. All the palace monitors would be “locked exclusively on Fox News 24/7! Permission to watch the final season of The Sopranos on HBO denied! Rummy so smug about using broken English with him. Having to endure vintage zany Rumsfeld non-sequiturs during endless rounds of rummy after dinner. Stuck in front of Sponge Bob videos with the grandkids every time they fly in over school breaks to see Grandpa Rummy! Those pet monikers Rummy will dig him with – ‘Sheikh Saddy’, ‘Saad Sack’, ‘Babylon Boy’, ‘You Maniac’, ‘Papi’, and the like!”

Well, no one bought into my plan. But I am glad they want to retrofit the palaces sort of along my lines. Perhaps Mr. Rumsfeld will wish to spend a leisurely weekend there, minus the chance to rehab the former leader, when the honeymoon hotel has been readied for its first visitors.