And that answer is…NO.

I just can’t figure out the reason - you think your ethnicity/race will be an advantage and don’t want to mention it in a cover letter?  Maybe, I guess.

You think you are incredibly hot and that will help you get an interview?  Take it from someone who has tried this (not using my own photo, of course - I pick them off the internet), it won’t work.  (Only kidding on the example,   but not the conclusion.)  Never mind what happens once someone at the organization prints out the resumes received electronically on a crappy, black and white printer - even yours truly looks less hot (if that is possible).

I will admit I see this very infrequently among people born and raised in the good ‘ole USA; it seems quite prevalent in some countries and in those countries I say go with the flow.  But if you are applying for jobs with US-based organizations, I really think the flow here goes with no picture.

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