Calls and emails to the White House have topped on thousand.

We still need thousands more Peace Corps supporters this week to call President Obama at 202-456-1111, Monday - Friday (9 AM - 5 PM) and leave this message (or your own version). If you wish, you can also send your comments on-line via (The length of the message above totals under1,650 characters, well within the White House form’s limit of 2,500 characters.)

Only if we can get thousands of calls/emails will this make an impact:

“President Obama, please urge Congress to provide $450 million to the Peace Corps in fiscal year 2010.

You promised during your campaign to double the Peace Corps to 16,000 Volunteers by 2011. But the budget you proposed to Congress for Fiscal Year 2010 requested only $374 million, an increase over FY09 of only $34 million – not enough after inflation and security costs to more than expand slightly its size now.

However, the House of Representatives voted an increase of $110 million, a historic increase that would bring the budget to $450 million; this would enable the new Peace Corps Director to improve operations, add many more Volunteers (from the 15,386 now applying to serve – an 18% increase over 2008) and open new programs (in many of the 20 countries now requesting Volunteers).

BUT because the Senate included your proposed increase of only $34 million, the difference between House and Senate versions must now be resolved in Conference.

So, I ask you to call Senator Patrick Leahy and Representative Nita Lowey, Chairs of the Senate and House State/Foreign Operations Subcommittees, and urge them, when they meet in Conference within a few days, to agree to the House total – $450 million.

To continue under-funding the Peace Corps would not only block needed reforms, but also signal tepid support for service programs.”
- Your name, country, and years of service

Please forward this newsletter to at least 10 former volunteers and copy on your forwards.

Please call and/or e-mail early this week!! (You can call only between 9 AM and 5 PM EST, Monday through Friday.)Also, you can call this White House hotline multiple times.

For this push to succeed, we need messages from thousands of RPCVs and Peace Corps supporters. So, please also forward this request to at least ten other RPCVs and supporters. Keep reminding your friends and family because it takes a few reminders, but people will call and the momentum will build.

Finally, last week’s article in The Huffington Post, What Happened to the Promise of 16,000 Peace Corps Volunteers by 2011 , attracted lots of attention. Please read it and forward it. This Huffington article is the letter we need President Obama to read.

If you do take action, please let us know so we can keep track of number by sending a quick email: