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AND SAY : “President Obama, you promised to build a Peace Corps of 16,000 volunteers by 2011 but did not provide the funding in your budget request for fiscal year 2010.  The House of Representatives acted to correct this oversight by increasing funds to the Peace Corps by $110 million, a historic increase that would bring the budget to $450 million, adding thousands of volunteers and opening new country programs. I call today to ask you, Mr. President, to speak to Senator Patrick Leahy and Representative Nita Lowey, who chair the Senate and House State/Foreign Operations Subcommittees, to pass the House mark for Peace Corps.  Please read our letter to you on, “What Happened to the Promise of 16,000 Volunteers by 2011?” Thank you Mr. President for considering our request.”

Thank you for making a call.  Please let me know when you take action:

For this to work we need thousands of calls — We need each person to  forward this urgent request to as many RPCVs as you possibly can and keep reminding them all week!  People are busy and tend to forget, so when I write to remind and update you, please do the same with your own lists.

Last week’s Huffington Post Article, “What Happened to the Promise of 16,000 Peace Corps Volunteers by 2011″ is gaining the attention of thousands across America. Please leave a comment on the article and forward the link!

You can also submite the above comment online at

I will be writing you every day with updates.  PLEASE make a call!!

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