I had several encounters with Members of Congress over those two weeks in October, none scheduled, all at street corners.  Because they wear lapel pins, Members can be recognized. But some local officials also don pins.  Once I spoke for 30 minutes to a man in front of the Capitol about co-sponsoring a bill.  We were having a detailed conversation when he told me, “I really hate to tell you this, but I’m not a Congressman.  I’m the mayor of Flint, Michigan –but my sister was in the Peace Corps.”

But on another instance I correctly recognized Congressman Grijalva from Yuma, Arizona, even though he was in jeans and not wearing a pin.  He stopped and talked for 15 minutes, giving helpful ideas and answering process questions.  It felt like one activist talking to another. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my notes about two interesting weeks in Washington.  In my next blog post I will be sending an article that appears in today’s HuffingtonPost.com (on the front page), “What happened to President Obama’s Promise of 16,000 Peace Corps Volunteers?”  Please leave a comment on it:


Hope you have a great weekend.