Over those two weeks leading up to Regan airport I must have been in forty offices. These offices are amazing rooms, filled with the most interesting pictures, many of them signed with personal messages by former Presidents, world leaders like the Dalai Lama, famous actors and musicians.  Many of the offices have interesting books and magazines about Congressional history and some have TVs that play CSPAN and Fox News.   Some of the books say something about the stance of the member of Congress.  The phones ring off the hook and some of the hardest working people on the Hill are the  secretaries that pick up those phones and log what constituents are saying.  It’s interesting just sitting there on the nice furniture listening because you find out what paper care enough about to call their elected officials. Most offices have big state flags outside. Congressman Farr’s office is my favorite not just because he has been the main proponent of our cause but because of his office itself as well.  It’s filled with black and white landscape photographs and a beautiful collection of bottles of wine from the different counties on the California coast he represents. It’s the only office where the secretary recognizes me and says, “Peace Corps campaign right?”  Outside Congressman Farr’s office standing tall in the hallway is the Peace Corps flag.  Even though he is now a Congressman, he is still a Peace Corps volunteer, he’s never lost that quality. Early in the campaign I had the opportunity to meet him at a friend’s home and I remember he said, “Squeeky wheel gets the grease Rajeev. Just get all our volunteers making calls zip code by zip code and we can do this, we can double the Peace Corps. It’s actually not that hard.”It was very good advice:  Squeaky wheel gets the grease.

[To be continued…]