“Senator I was a volunteer in Nepal, I lived in a small village for two years and taught English, and it was the most important experience in my life.  We need a much bigger Peace Corps budget so more men and women from your state, Tennessee, can be volunteers and go to places like Nepal and serve the world.”

Still looking at me, though now I think he was moved a little, he quietly pulled out his blackberry from his blazer pocket and started typing.  Then he said to me, “Done.  I just notified my staff to schedule the call.”  I said thank you (and really meant it, what a nice man he was to listen to me, I’m sure he had hundreds of important things on his mind) and walked back to my gate. I missed the chance to get that free flight but it didn’t matter.

What luck! I remember thinking no one is going to believe I met two Senators within minutes of each other, the co-authors of an important bipartisan Peace Corps letter from the Senate, on the very day the subcommittees were expected to go to vote on the Peace Corps budget (the vote ended up getting delayed, more on that later). No one is going to believe me I thought..

[To be continued]