Today, together with my friends, I am launching a new campaign,, a grassroots movement powered by the energy and individual actions of tens of thousands of former volunteers, their
families, friends, and many more Americans who believe in the mission
of the Peace Corps. By securing funding boosts in 2010, 11, 12
and beyond, we aim to add thousands of additional volunteers to the
Corps, open work in new countries, empower volunteers with
state-of-the-art programs and capabilities, and streamline the Peace
Corps’ administrative process. Because of Congressman Sam Farr’s incredible leadership in the House of Representatives and what we did together in 2008 and 2009 from the grassroots , Peace Corps is poised to receive the largest single-year increase in decades, but a lot more advocacy is needed.  Rep. Farr (Colombia 64-66)  rallied hundreds of his peers to help the Peace Corps.   He has been our Peace Corps hero.

The Peace Corps is one percent of the US foreign aid budget which is
one percent of the total US budget. Isn’t the Peace Corps worth more
than 1% o 1%? When you look at other issue areas, domestic and
international, many have trade associations, lobbyists and independent
organizations that alternately support them and criticize them. There
are many organized groups of RPCVs, one national group, and more than
100 country and geographical groups. Who knows how many sub-groups
there are in addition. None see it as their sole mission to advocate
vigorously for it on Capitol Hill or to put pressure on the Peace
Corps itself to expand and improve. This is why
was needed. Please sign up when you have a couple minutes.

We are a small but very responsive team so please get in touch as soon as you can:

Rajeev Goyal (Nepal 01-03)

[to be continued…]